Monday, August 24, 2009

11. BAKE BREAD 5 times (0/5)

I can't wait to do this!!

08/24/09 --- We're moving to a place with a much bigger kitchen, so this fall or winter would be nice!

New #22. Do the Stair Climber for 60 minutes!

I did this for 20 minutes the other day, and I think the longest I have done it for is 30 minutes. That was rough! I was talking to a woman who was doing it the other day (she's always on there!) and asked her how long she does it for. AN HOUR!!! Three times a week!! So I wanna do it! Here goes. I'll do an extra 5 minutes each week and work up to 60 minutes. Tonight, 25 minutes!!!

08/24/09 --- Well this is still a goal, but it's much farther away now. I did the stairclimber for 10 minutes a few weeks ago. That's all...Not sure when I'll pick up pursuing this goal again.


08/24/09 --- this did not happen past like maybe May. It's like a full-time job!! How the hell does Teri do this???

ON TIME!!! to all family at the very least. This may seem easy, but my husband has 4 parents, 6 siblings he's in touch with (and they all have kids and mates! And that's just HIS family!) Adults get a heartfelt card (unless we find something perfect!) and kids get a gift!! YAY!

UPDATE 01/05/09: I'm doing great so far! Sent out the first 2 cards of the year! 2 down and 49-ish to go for 2008!

01/13/09: Sent Caitlin and Danny D's birthday presents! Kicking ass and taking names!!

OK, here's the deal. All of the kids get presents, and the 4 parents of Jim's and...TERI. She never misses a birthday, holiday, etc. She's the exception.

02/09/09 --- we're all up to date on birthday presents! We usually falter right around here, but we're still on track! YAY, us! Wes's gift went out today!

6. Convince the HUNTER COLLEGE --- FAIL

science department to accept my lab science from Southern CT State as a lab science so I don't have to travel 3 hours back and forth to take a lab science class AGAIN at 41+ years old. I got an A+ in the first one and I'll only get another one, so come on. That's what I'll say to them.

02/10/09 --- I have honed in on the chair of the biology department at Hunter! I am thinking I'll craft an email that will be so impressive that she will say, "Yes! You may use your lab science from Southern CT State U. and good luck in law school!" Can't wait to be able to check off "college graduate" on forms. "Some college" not so much.
Email written! Jim is editing!
02/10/09 --- 9:54 PM - The email has been sent! I will update here. I will also be surprised if I get more than a one sentence response. I look forward to being pleasantly surprised!
02/12/09 --- No word. No news is good news or is she so insulted she is just never going to respond? I DID have Jim rewrite the email, so no chance it's offensive. Well, we'll see! If she agrees to give me the waiver, I will be able to graduate MAYBE summer of 2010! How cool would that be?
02/21/09 --- Still no word. I'm starting to think she's on sabbatical. I'm afraid to ask!
03/05/09 --- No word. Not looking good. I'm going to have to email or call them again. I even checked my transcript online. No change.
08/24/09 --- Not gonna happen. I spoke with the quite unpleasant professor at Hunter who makes these decisions. He did mention that I can try to get a waiver from some other committee. That I will be trying to do!