Monday, August 24, 2009


08/24/09 --- this did not happen past like maybe May. It's like a full-time job!! How the hell does Teri do this???

ON TIME!!! to all family at the very least. This may seem easy, but my husband has 4 parents, 6 siblings he's in touch with (and they all have kids and mates! And that's just HIS family!) Adults get a heartfelt card (unless we find something perfect!) and kids get a gift!! YAY!

UPDATE 01/05/09: I'm doing great so far! Sent out the first 2 cards of the year! 2 down and 49-ish to go for 2008!

01/13/09: Sent Caitlin and Danny D's birthday presents! Kicking ass and taking names!!

OK, here's the deal. All of the kids get presents, and the 4 parents of Jim's and...TERI. She never misses a birthday, holiday, etc. She's the exception.

02/09/09 --- we're all up to date on birthday presents! We usually falter right around here, but we're still on track! YAY, us! Wes's gift went out today!

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