Wednesday, June 30, 2010

35. LOSE 14 Pounds

06/30/10 --- OK I'm back on my way! I was at 149 and now around 142. Back on Weight Watchers, going to start training next week for a 5K and for a duathlon. GoldeN!

12/15/09 --- Ha. I gained a few more pounds. Sucks, but I have started back at the gym, doing spinning, and I'll be training for the April half marathon. Just running a few days motivates me to eat better, and losing 20 pounds will help me run more easily.

--- Oh dear. Well this failed miserably. I gained about 10 pounds. Sad to look back and see the 138 there. I was so close!!! Stopped exercising, started eating too much, nursing is waning. Back to spinning and I'm going to take a yoga class on Wednesdays, try to get in a day or two of running.

02/05/09: Well, I went on a cruise in the meantime, but I'm still down to 138! Go me! Only 10 pounds to go!

I want to get to 128 pounds. I was 142.5 last Thursday and will weigh in on Thursdays. I even joined weight watchers and have been exercising a lot! Last night, spinning class, tonight, stair climber...

9. Ride a BIKE ACROSS MAINE with Heidi!---DONE!!!!

06/30/10 --- I DID IT!!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

05/14/10 --- Been training for this since about March! Hoping to have my brakes fixed by tomorrow so I can ride this weekend. 5 weeks until the Trek!

--- I'm not giving up. I plan on COMPLETING this next year, god dammit. I will train train train, and not forget my asthma meds next year!!

--- Well, I didn't train much and it was raining, so I made it 43 miles. Asthma was horrible, I was just not prepared. Forgot my medicine for my asthma. But Heidi did it! So amazed by her tenacity!

(June 2009 with the American Lung Association in Maine)
Do you want to come??
02/10/09 --- Well, I just might have a bike to ride! Yahor, who works with Jim has offered to lend me his winter bike to use as my summer bike!

32. RUN another 5K

06/30/10 --- K - I'm signed up for a 5K in September, and going to start the Couch to 5K training plan on Tuesday! I've roped my mom in as well! Woohoo! Also signed up for a duathlon in October in Central Park - run 2, bike 12, run 2.
05/14/10 --- A lot o' trash talk from me on this, but still haven't done shit. Hoping to do a mini tri in the fall or at least a 5k.
08/24/09 --- Nothing has happened with this, but I'm thinking about running still. Ha.
03/23/09 --- Thinking of doing a Mother's Day run. May 10th (I think) in Milford. Still have to sign up, but I'm getting there. Did some running on Saturday. May go again tomorrow night and then yoga!