Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9. Ride a BIKE ACROSS MAINE with Heidi!---DONE!!!!

06/30/10 --- I DID IT!!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!

05/14/10 --- Been training for this since about March! Hoping to have my brakes fixed by tomorrow so I can ride this weekend. 5 weeks until the Trek!

--- I'm not giving up. I plan on COMPLETING this next year, god dammit. I will train train train, and not forget my asthma meds next year!!

--- Well, I didn't train much and it was raining, so I made it 43 miles. Asthma was horrible, I was just not prepared. Forgot my medicine for my asthma. But Heidi did it! So amazed by her tenacity!

(June 2009 with the American Lung Association in Maine)
Do you want to come??
02/10/09 --- Well, I just might have a bike to ride! Yahor, who works with Jim has offered to lend me his winter bike to use as my summer bike!

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