Wednesday, June 30, 2010

35. LOSE 14 Pounds

06/30/10 --- OK I'm back on my way! I was at 149 and now around 142. Back on Weight Watchers, going to start training next week for a 5K and for a duathlon. GoldeN!

12/15/09 --- Ha. I gained a few more pounds. Sucks, but I have started back at the gym, doing spinning, and I'll be training for the April half marathon. Just running a few days motivates me to eat better, and losing 20 pounds will help me run more easily.

--- Oh dear. Well this failed miserably. I gained about 10 pounds. Sad to look back and see the 138 there. I was so close!!! Stopped exercising, started eating too much, nursing is waning. Back to spinning and I'm going to take a yoga class on Wednesdays, try to get in a day or two of running.

02/05/09: Well, I went on a cruise in the meantime, but I'm still down to 138! Go me! Only 10 pounds to go!

I want to get to 128 pounds. I was 142.5 last Thursday and will weigh in on Thursdays. I even joined weight watchers and have been exercising a lot! Last night, spinning class, tonight, stair climber...

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