Friday, May 14, 2010

36. Become a CASA/CIP Volunteer --- DONE!!

05/14/10 --- I am on case 3 and it's turning out to have a happy ending. Very cool. Happy about that!

--- I'm a GAL/CASA! I am on case #2. Can't say much about it but I'm meeting interesting people and really think it's a useful job.


I've been interested in becoming a court-appointed special advocate for a long time, but I was recently inspired by the Victim's Advocate of CT. I just needed the reminder that this is something I wanted to do. I have also always wanted to be a lawyer, one of the good guys, so I'm going to possibly work toward that as well.

Today I downloaded the application from Children in Placement in New Haven. I will be training in Hartford in April for 5 days if I am accepted!

02-09-09 --- Finished the application and I'm diving in! Will send today. Not sure what the process is, but I'm sure there will be an interview or two and then a 5-day training in April. Excited and a little scared!
02-10-09 --- The application is in the mail! Very excited to do this and it has really motivated me to get going on #6 and #2!
02-21-09 --- Got a response postcard from CIP thanking me for my application. They will have to do the background check and process me first before accepting me for an interview, I believe. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm looking forward to getting involved in the court system.
04-10-09 --- Got my waiver for DCS to do a background check on me back because I forgot to fill in a date. The next training that's close to New Haven isn't until June, so should be fine. I'm feeling apprehensive about this, but also excited to help in a big way, or at least the biggest way I am capable of right now...
08-25-09 --- Got the job!! Training is at the end of September. Will update as it is going on!

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  1. Wonderful, G: CASA does great work in Santa B. and I'm sure back there too. Go for it!