Friday, May 14, 2010

27. Get at least 5 NEW CLIENTS (3/5)

05/14/10 --- New client Number 3 has been secured! Promise of lots of work to come!
--- ML is a steady client now! I have to get my act together on marketing and searching out new clients. Might have a new web client!
04/10/09 --- Well, I've done my first project for ML, no feedback yet, so I'm hoping their client loves it and they will become a solid client!! (CLIENT #2)
03/05/09 --- The snow storm on Monday canceled the conference call, but I sent in an estimate!
AND, the website is done!! YAY!!! Possible CLIENT #2!
02/26/09 --- Got an email from Allison and Tara at ML! I have a conference call with Tara on Monday and they'll be FedExing me stuff tomorrow to check out. I'll have to give Cliffy his commission!!
02/21/09 --- I have a lead from Cliff! He trains a woman who works for one of the educational/marketing companies that is part of ML. I will be emailing her momentarily!
02/10/09 --- Still working with the Red Cross of New Canaan on their site and logo, brochure. Working on getting my website up, writing the content now. So once that is done, I will start looking for more clients.
01/10/09 --- I did it!! Yesterday. Client number one secured!!
01/07/09 --- Working on #1! Will update tomorrow.

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