Friday, April 10, 2009

1. FINISH BACHELOR'S DEGREE (4 freaking classes left!) (0/4)

02/10/09 --- I'm on it! I am aiming to start in the fall. I might be able to finish by the following fall and graduate in January, 2012?? I'll be 44! Lucky number.
04/10/09 --- Been thinking a lot about how to finish these 4 classes. I think I can take one in New Haven, transfer it. Then the other 3 not sure. I dread dealing with the administration at Hunter. is lame ass.
08/25/09 --- I registered for a class this fall, African American History II. It fulfills one of the requirements I have left and it's also something I'm interested in. Should be interesting driving or taking the train into the city 2 nights a week. But it'll be one more down.

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