Monday, January 5, 2009

What's 101 in 1001?

A website called Day Zero ("A unique meme that challenges and inspires you to set and complete realistic goals in life") has a challenge going on where people attempt to accomplish 101 preset tasks in 1,001 days (2 years and 9 months).

I've been thinking a lot lately about goals (as opposed to resolutions, which seem to have a negative connotation), and this is perfect! So here's my list. I don't know that I will be able to come up with 101 things in one sitting, but there's a lot going on in my head that it will be nice to get down on "paper."

1. FINISH BACHELOR'S DEGREE (4 freaking classes left!) (0/4)

2. CALL HUNTER COLLEGE and find out if I can finish classes where I live now.

3. WRITE AN OUTLINE for the novel I've been mulling around in my head for 3 years.
UPDATE 01/06/08: The book will be about James McCune Smith, my ggg-grandfather, an historical novel that will begin with the NYC Draft Riots. Intrigued?

4. GET OUT OF DEBT (specifically, credit card debt).

5. Send BIRTHDAY CARDS AND PACKAGES on time to all family at the very least. This may seem easy, but my husband has 4 parents, 6 siblings he's in touch with (and they all have kids and mates! And that's just HIS family!)
UPDATE 01/05/08: I'm doing great so far! Sent out the first 2 cards of the year! 2 down and 49-ish to go for 2008!

6. Convince the HUNTER COLLEGE science department to accept my lab science from Southern CT State as a lab science so I don't have to travel 3 hours back and forth to take a lab science class AGAIN at 41+ years old. I got an A+ in the first one and I'll only get another one, so come on. That's what I'll say to them.

7. VISIT the IN-LAWS in California

8. Go back to GIOVE AND ROME with my husband and bring the bean this time!

9. Ride a BIKE ACROSS MAINE with Heidi! (June 2009 with the American Lung Association in Maine)

10. RUN 10 MILES without stopping

11. BAKE BREAD 5 times (0/5)

12. GIVE BLOOD two times (0/2)

13. Watch the SUNRISE

14. Get another TATTOO. This time with my husband

15. Go to the MOVIES ten times (0/10)

16. Write a LOVE LETTER to my husband once a month (0/33)

17. Write a LETTER to five people I love telling them why (0/5)



20. KNIT a scarf

21. SEW SOMETHING that is wearable for one of us

22. READ TO SEAMUS every day (2/1001)
UPDATE 01/05/08: Tried to read Go, Dog. Go! but the little bug wouldn't sit still! We looked at My First Word Book for a little while too.
UPDATE 01/06/08: Read My Dad and I

23. TAKE A HIKE at least twice a month in warmer months (0/40)
24. Get myself to a NOSE SURGEON and have my nose fixed

25. Bring Seamus to the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM

26. Bring Seamus to the AQUARIUM

27. Get at least 5 NEW CLIENTS (0/5)
UPDATE 01/07/08: Working on #1! Will update tomorrow.

28. KISS UNDER THE MISTLETOE. I can't believe I have not yet done this!

29. FIND my half siblings

30. Go see LIVE MUSIC ten times (0/10)


32. RUN another 5K

33. Write the MOM BLENDER GUIDE to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the First Year of Your Child's Life


  1. Love your list so far! I have had part of my 50 in 2009 drafted for 2 weeks now but havent finished and posted it! I hope we are both able to get at least 75% of our lists completed! Good Luck & Here's to 2009! :)

    Twitter: @erinjeany

  2. There is NOTHING wrong with your nose. :-)

  3. What an awesome concept, Greta! I love it, and your list is great. I'd say you've done the right thing by getting it out in public, more motivation to get it done.

  4. Thanks, guys! I would love to see your 50 in 2009 list, Erin. Ah, lists. I love 'em!

    Kathleen - My nose is fine on the outside but not on the inside.

    Mary - thanks! I didn't make up the concept, but I think it's really cool too! I think people's lists say a lot about them.

  5. I agree, I love her nose!

    But it's a freakin mess inside -- stalactites n' shit. An ENT specialist that she saw a few years ago said that surgery would help her breathe better, sneeze less, maybe even help with her asthma.

  6. Great list, Greta. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Gotta love the lists!