Tuesday, December 15, 2009

4. GET OUT OF DEBT (specifically, credit card debt).

12/15/09 --- We are 12.6% paid off!! Woot. Feels good to look at the difference from August. Slow and steady, and paying for everything new with cash. (I just looked at the title for this one, and it's really not just credit card debt. Also included in the total are the car loan and student loans.)

--- We're under $1,000 from 10%!! We have been fairly strict about using the credit cards and only pay for things if we actually have the cash. Still owe a lot but it's going down!

02/09/09 --- We're working on this still. I wish I had the balls to write the figures down and update it every month, but it's better that you don't know. So the cruise and the whole vacation is paid off, which is cool. We have a couple of people to pay off and then we're back to paying off the man. I guess I'll put percentages paid off here. Once we get to 10%, I'll post that. The plan is not to go on a vacation until next summer for the reunion and to put everything I make toward our debt. Suze Orman would be proud.

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